Friday, March 1, 2013

Future Fantasies Friday

Can you tell I'm a sucker for alliteration?

It's a daydream-y kind of day and as I gaze out my dining room window and observe the squirrels as they devour my over-priced birdfeed (thank you, squirrels) I find myself planning out the projects I'm trying to get started on.

What better way to get these plans into motion than to blog about them? Am I right?

For now, I'll just post a couple "before" photos. Soon I'll be doing some round-ups for inspiration. If you've got ideas, please share!

This little treasure here is a space at work. It's a corner in the hallway that leads to our classrooms.

It's totally exposed to all of our customers.

It's wasted space.

It's not creative.

It's ugly. (Not the baby picture, he's cool.)

I asked my boss if I could have at it as we are trying to revamp the whole building to keep things fresh.

Of course, the big red metal coat rack has got to go. Hooks will replace it. But who can just throw the thing out and throw some hooks on the wall???

"Not I," said the compulsive decorator, "To Michael's and thrift stores, AWAY!"

And we're off! So that's one project on my mind.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, we got our new garden shed delivered!

It was a process.

But there she blows! OK, so she's not new, just new to us. But I think with a power-washer, some paint, and a few new boards for the trim, we should be in good shape. As soon as it gets just a little warmer outside, we'll be digging in to this one.

That's all for now. These are just a couple of the projects rolling around in my head. I'm very excited about all the possibilities, but how to choose one project to get started! I'll have to start drawing projects from a hat... oh! there's another cool idea...

I'm leaving before things get worse. Happy weekend, everyone!

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