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Moving into our first house! ~9/13/12
Hello, Readers!

     Thanks for coming to my blog! My name is Rosie and I graduated Syracuse University in 2010. Since then, life has been a bit of an adventure. Finding my way through the post-grad phase of student loans, working full time, buying my first car, and all those other experiences made the last few years a huge stage of transition. However, even though a lot was going on, during that time I landed an excellent job managing a private music school and met my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years, Tim. Two amazing parts of my life that I am so thankful for. This past September, Tim and I bought our first house... and talk about transition! Being a first time homeowner is a lot of fun and a ton of work, which is where this blog comes in.

     There are many reasons I've decided to start writing online, but I've boiled things down to a few quick points that explain what I'm trying to do here...

  1. Most Importantly: In the last few months of settling into our new house, I have redefined what problem solving means to me and in almost every sticky situation, I got my answers from one of two places; my parents or the internet. While parents are an awesome source of experience and know how, there is also an amazing network of people online who are finding cost efficient, creative, and do-it-yourself ways of solving everyday problems. Luckily for me, they take the time to post about it! So this blog is my chance to feed information back into the cycle. I've been inspired by what I've found online, and maybe something I post can inspire you!
  2. The second reason I created this blog is a little more selfish. I'm treating this project as functioning somewhat like a journal. It is a way for me to document the adventure of our first house. I would never want to forget what this experience has been like!
  3. Lastly, I want to highlight the fact that making a beautiful home is, in my opinion, one of the most respectful exhibitions of individual creativity. The art of keeping a nice home, I feel, can get lost in the culture we're living in currently, but there are those of us who want to change that! To me, homemaking is like good manners. You don't do it to show off or be presumptuous or act like someone you're not, you do it as a reflection of how you care about those around you. I choose to spend time on my new home because I want everyone I know to have that warm feeling when they walk through the front door. It makes me feel good that my living space can have that effect on others. In short (and I believe this is probably true of most of you), it makes me happy to make those I care about happy.
     I hope you will consider following my blog, sharing some of my posts, or pinning my entries when you find them interesting. I plan to cover everything from home maintenance, to gardening, to pet care, to design ideas, to relationships, to entertaining guests, and anything else that contributes to a healthy home. Whether you have a bedroom in your parents' house, a dorm at school, a cramped apartment, or you're lucky enough to have your own house to play in, you have the opportunity to create a space that makes you and all of your guests happy just to be in. I believe if you embrace that opportunity, you can make every day more fulfilling. I hope I can also embrace this opportunity and share my findings with you!

Good luck to both of us!

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