Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Things Thursday: Part Deux!

Spring seems to have everyone bursting at the seams with creative ideas!

I know I'm going BONKERS waiting for the weather to warm up and planting season to begin.

In the mean time, I've been researching ways to "spring up" the house, per se, without just plastering pastel bunnies and eggs everywhere...spring decorating can easily turn into a wishy-washy mess of undecided colors, in my opinion. GOD FORBID I DECORATE IN ANYTHING BUT BOLD STYLISTIC CHOICES.

Did I say that out loud?

Since I found so many inspiring posts in my research, and Thursday was just around the corner, I felt it was a good time to have another Happy Things Thursday and feature some of the bloggers who's posts were particularly impressive!

This teacup garden from The Inspired Room seemed like an easy way to get more plants in the house, without adding too much upkeep. Most of them are small succulents and grasses, so the plants themselves look beautiful, but are not very demanding I would imagine. It would make a fun outing during yard sale season to go out in search for the right teacups to use!

Over at Rooted in Thyme, Jody put together this display at the potting table in her garden. I just love the combination of tarnished metals with the twine, clay and wispy herbs (lavender, I'm assuming). Not to mention it's an area you can continue to add to as you find more pieces at antique shops and garage sales! I'm thinking I'll use some themes from this for the shed, inside OR out!

And one more very inspiring post I found this week was an up-cycling project I came across...

Luisa at Living and Learning With Luisa made these vases out of decorated tin cans. Each can on it's own is pretty, but group a bunch together and add some simple spring flowers and you've got quite the display! I just thought this was adorable and am thinking about doing something similar with all those jars I keep in the closet... hmmmmm

Check out all three of these blogs, they are packed with fun ideas!

Almost to the weekend :-) Hang in there, everyone...


  1. Hi Rosie! I'm so glad that you liked my tins! I really appreciate you featuring my blog!
    Big bear hugs!

  2. I think you've found some beautiful ideas that anyone could follow, but it takes a magical, creative, artistic mind to think them up. Your collection is perfect and I admire the people who created them.
    I especially like the theme of bringing old things back to life and beauty.

  3. Rosie, I am patiently waiting for Spring! Where is it? Thanks for linking up to Talkin’ About Thursday link party. I hope you will come back this week too!