Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Things Thursday Round-Up

On Thursdays, I like to focus on the little things that inspire me or make me happy!

It's my way of getting a final burst of energy towards the weekend... we're on the home stretch!

So, while spending my QT with Google Reader and coffee this morning, I came across these three particular posts that, well, made me happy! Enjoy!

Over at Keeping It Stepford, Maria described how she was looking for a way to organize her scrap-booking materials. All the specialty stuff was crazy expensive, but a short trip to an office supply store provided her with a solution for way less! 10 Frugal Points for Maria!

Elena at 'A Casarella made these white elephant present toppers that I thought were just adorable. Just a clothes pin and a small figurine can turn into so much! My brain almost exploded with ideas for other variations...

And for the big finale, Christine at The Crafty Woman has a Pinterest board that absolutely changed how I look at Easter decor. Normally, I can't stand when Easter comes around. Nothing against the holiday! But all the pastels and subdued designs... yucky. I'm too bold a personality for stuff like that. Christine's board brings out a whole different, more confident design scheme with nods to Victorian styling that I am absolutely in love with. Now I must go shopping!!!

So these ladies are what's inspiring me this week, what do you guys think? Head over to their blogs, they've got tons of fun ideas and projects going on!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my present toppers!!