Monday, March 11, 2013


Three cheers for Grandmas and their crafting supplies!

Hip hip HOORAY!
Hip hip HOORAY!
Hip hip HOORAY!

I may or may not have casually mentioned to my grandma that I was looking to get into cross stitching...
I MAY or may not have begged her to show me how it works...
I may OR MAY NOT have known about the trove of cross stitching supplies stored in her basement...
and I just might have known that my grandma loves to pass along hand-me-downs.

I admit to nothing.

All accusations aside, my extremely generous grandmother has bestowed upon me an entire brown paper grocery bag filled with what I like to call Craft-Me-Downs.

There is such a thing as Banjo Cloth!?!?!

And not just cross stitching supplies, either! She also gave me a stack of magazines with all sorts of cute crafts in them!

A lot of the magazines are Christmas themed, but no worries! There will be plenty of time for that next autumn.

I can't wait to tear into some of these projects! I think with a little creativity, some of the designs could even be slightly altered to be more customized to the rest of the decor in the house.

I'm curious, do most of you like to go out and buy craft supplies? Or do you also get hand-me-downs or swap materials with other crafters?

Here's to a good work week everyone!

Watch Out Martha


  1. What a treasure trove of supplies! Happy stitching!

  2. Grandma is awesome :)