Monday, March 4, 2013

Best Monday Ever!

Three awesome things going on right now:
1. I actually got outside and went for a run this morning. Woot woot for me!
2. I have a really cool project to share.
3. I was featured!

Watch Out Martha

I guess my handmade barrettes went over pretty well over at Watch Out, Martha! Feels so good to be recognized for some creativity!

On with more craftiness!

Tim and I have a friend named Zach Cooper who joined the band Coheed and Cambria last year. He is an amazing musician, and we were so happy to see him get such a great gig. So deserving! 

Of course, when the band's double-vinyl album came out (The Afterman: Ascension and The Afterman: Descension)  we immediately purchased it. I have to say, the approach to the whole project is just amazing. The design is impeccable, the product is very professionally made, and the sound, the sound, the sound. It about knocked me and Tim over. Clearly a major feat for the group to have completed such a perfectly executed artistic work.

We had purchased other Coheed albums in the past few months to learn more about the band after Zach joined in.(We had always liked them, but just didn't know much about them.) But this latest project is clearly taking things to a whole new level.

AND! The whole deal came with autographed guitar picks. Hmmm what to do, what to do...
We couldn't just leave them in the box. No no no, that wouldn't do at all!

And there happen to be an empty spot on the wall in our music studio that was crying for a sentimental piece.  
Cue light bulb moment *ding!*

Of to Micheal's we went. Notice the beautiful silver and gold colors on the album cover? We decided to mount the picks on craft paper of those two colors and frame them in a plain black frame with black and white matting.

We lined up how we wanted everything with the matting to make sure it looked right...
Then we glued the papers together and let them sit for a while under some very heavy books.

Once we were sure the glue had dried we marked the corners and trimmed down the colored papers so that they would fit in the frame, behind the matting.

Then we just lined up the colors so it was half and half and taped the edges down on the back of the matting...

Ta da! There we go. Some very small duct tape loops (we didn't have double sided tape laying around and didn't think to pick it up at Micheal's) holds the picks in place.

And there she is in context. Pretty sweet, right? So happy to have a souvenir of our friend's new adventure in our music room! Not to mention a joint crafty project for me and Tim. It's not every day your boyfriend suggests a trip to Micheal's, am I right ladies?

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Happy Monday!


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