Friday, March 22, 2013

Quick and Easy Candle Craft!

Here's an easy and fun project suggested to me by my mom, who is a professional candlemaker.

She bought me these floating candle wicks and explained that you can get creative by using food dye to color the water they float in and choosing pretty glass containers.

Pretty glass containers, you say? To the mason jars!!!

I grabbed the floating wicks, the food coloring, and a couple of my smaller jars.

First, I filled the jar with warm water, then I added green and blue dye until I got the deep teal I was looking for.

Then I used a teaspoon to add a bit of canola oil as a top layer.

Drop the floating wick on top and there you go!

I think it came out really nicely! The cool thing about this project is that there are lots of variables to play with. You can choose any type of glass container, mix any colors you want, do singular candles or a set of them, decorate the glass container, and the ideas go on and on...

The floating wicks can be ordered online, though I'm not sure where these ones specifically came from, and are not expensive. The food dye is also very reasonable and something that can be used for other projects.

Cheap supplies? Recycled materials?
Sounds like a Frugal Freshman craft to me!

Happy weekend everybody!


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