Friday, February 1, 2013

28(ish) Days of Eating Paleo

An experiment of will power and creativity...

I happen to think that all these special diets get a little ridiculous, but in the spirit of adventure and "not knocking it until I try it" I've decided to see what an extreme diet change would do. I stumbled across the Paleo diet several times on various fitness sites and I liked the concept. You eat what you've evolved to be able to process best. Of course there are some that are way stricter than I intend to be, but my goal is to do the best I can for the 28(ish) days of February. I say "ish" because I have predetermined cheat days like the Super Bowl this weekend. I didn't watch a whole year of football to be deprived of a righteous feast on Super Bowl Sunday...

One thing I'm have a really hard time picturing myself without is my peanut butter sandwiches... I love them. Paleo doesn't allow for peanut butter OR bread. Ugh!

HOWEVER! I found an excellent Paleo "bread" recipe that tastes good and is crazy simple.

Click here to be brought to the original recipe. 

Here's what mine turned out like. Looks kinda funny, the way it baked, but it tastes good and definitely feels satisfying enough to replace bread. With some almond butter in the mix, it's almost like I didn't have to give up my favorite sandwich after all! My plan is to bake a loaf each weekend so I can bring sandwiches to work! Yum!


  1. Hey Rosie, good idea for a reicpe! I just pinned it on my board to try it sometime. I tried Paleo a while back but ended up getting kidney stones so I backed off. I was thinking about trying it again?

    1. Obviously, overall health comes first, but I've been enjoying it so far. Don't know if it's for me forever, but it's a fun healthy adventure for now! Thanks for visiting!