Thursday, February 14, 2013

Virgin Blender Drinks: For the party Mommas to be!

Sorry I've been MIA most of the week. I was dealing with the loss of my purse, which of course had my life in it. It's all good now, though, phone is replaced, cards are canceled, etc.

Just trying to get things back in order and get myself back on track!

Oh right, Happy Valentine's Day!

My boss is letting me out early tonight so Tim and I can cook dinner together. Tonight's menu: steaks with sides of sauteed broccoli and roasted beets. Mmm mmm mmmmm...

But enough about me, what are you guys all up to for your special evening?

I know  a lot of you have families, so are the kids part of the plan or is a baby sitter in order? Speaking of motherhood, back to what this post was originally about... I'm a little distract-able today, can you tell?

So I hear this whole kid thing comes as a result of something called "pregnancy" during which one cannot drink alcohol for a nine month period. A friend of the family who is currently experiencing "pregnancy" visited my parents for dinner last night with her spouse and my mom wanted a few non-alcoholic, frozen drink ideas so that she could make a special treat for the Momma-to-be. Below are my suggestions...

Virgin Mudslide:
Basically, this is a chocolate milkshake, with coffee and hazelnut syrup added for depth of flavor. Mudslides are fun to decorate because they're usually topped with whipped cream so you can add sprinkles, cocoa shavings, cinnamon, you name it.

Virgin Daiquiri:
Pineapple Juice + Frozen Pineapple Chunks + Frozen Strawberries + Lime Juice = Yum

Then this next idea I've never seen a recipe for, but perhaps other people have thought of it too... I wonder if they tried it!

Virgin Frozen Mojito
Fresh Mint
Lime Juice

I don't know yet which drinks they tried and which they didn't, but I'm excited to find out! If I don't get pictures from the dinner party, I'll just have to try them out myself and take some pictures to post! Visuals coming soon!

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