Thursday, February 14, 2013

Craft Area Inspirations

Looking around online, I've found lots of images of how to create maximum storage that also looks nice. Unfortunately, many of the photos are missing links, but the couple photos I did find the sources for are linked to their original page...

What do you think of these?

 This type of block shelving seems to be an agreed upon storage method by most crafters. It was also the type of shelving immediately suggested by my architect friend, so I'll probably go with it!

I'm a big fan of the trend of mixing slightly industrial accents with rustic or country styles. Most of the house, as we slowly settle in, is taking on a classic country home kind of feel. Muted patterns, earth tones, and traditional furnishings... Metallic accents like these buckets and a couple light fixtures we've chosen will highlight this contrast, I'm thinking.

I just have to include some bead storage! Duh! Maybe a couple blocks of the shelving will be dedicated to these types of trays...

Drawers are a big thing for me. If you're going to have LOTS of stuff on shelves, I want drawers for two reasons: 1. They make dusting way way easier. 2. Rather than having just a pile of stuff on the shelves, drawers neaten everything up...

...OR they make it so you can't see the contents at all! (This can be good and bad, methinks)

Matching binders and boxes would be O.C.D. heaven for me. Especially if they're all labeled correctly. It's almost too much to think about!!!

This idea with the mason jars (you know how I feel about mason jars) was just too cute not to include.

I'm thinking one of those hanging shoe storage units for the closet to store my yarn, there's just too much to leave out...


Little craft storage solutions like this just add a cute factor to the whole deal.

Got any other ideas on how to store ALL the little things that go along with crafting? 

Of course all this daydreaming is nice, but the office itself has to be redone first. And when I say redone, I mean ripped apart, re-floored, painted, baseboards scrubbed, etc. THEN I can build my craft area... but a girl can dream, right?

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  1. Depending on your fiber of choice, you may not want to go with open-air shelving. It's fine for cotton or acrylics, but animal fibers can be attacked by moths or carpet beetles. I store my knitting yarns and fiber in see-through plastic bins. Are you on Ravelry, the knitting and crochet mecca? Also, did you know about the HV Yarn Crawl? Spring Crawl is March 23 and 24th.