Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Taking Down Christmas

One revelation during our disassembling of holiday decor.

It was sad to take down our first Christmas tree, but what a beautiful tree it had been! We splurged and went for a 6 foot Fraser Fur from Adam's for our first Christmas. We were very happy with it. This tree stood tall for a solid month before showing any signs of wilting!

You can see my favorite of the bows to the right there...
Alas, it was time for the tree to go. Then came my conundrum...
My bows.
My four handmade bows that I was so proud of. I had toiled over YouTube videos for hours learning how to make these things! With their thin construction and wire edging, surely they'll get destroyed in the attic, I thought to myself. Then, the light bulb went off.
Those stuuuuuupid popcorn tins. Yes, the ones with way more of the caramel corn than the yummy cheesy ones. Those things. I immediately insisted that Tim clean them out and hand them over.  He willingly obliged. Always ready to offer a helping hand! They turned out to be perfect for preserving my precious bows!

 Pretty sweet, right? Putting bows on the tree turned out to be my favorite Christmas decorating decision. It's such a simple and elegant decoration, but it's not common and most of our guests during the holiday season noticed the bows right away. Now my bows will be safe and ready for next year's tree!

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