Monday, April 29, 2013

Don't throw out that scrap paper at work!

A couple weeks ago I had a light bulb moment. Two elements suddenly came together in my head:

We were wasting a LOT of paper at work.

We were buying memo pads printed specifically for taking voice messages...

Uh, duh!

I quickly got to work.

Using Microsoft Publisher, I made a template that fits 4 memos per page. Then I printed the template (you can use "draft" quality printing to save ink) on the blank side of the scrap paper.

 They came out pretty cute!

On some of them I printed just a border, because you don't always want a voice-mail memo. Sometimes I just need to write a quick note to a co-worker or plan out my day...

And of COURSE I had to make them seasonal! So I did a batch with colored borders as well.

Once I cut them in quarters and put a staple in the top, I had a fully usable memo pad! I feel much better about making memo pads out of our wasted paper than trying to bring it all home to recycle (we can't recycle at the music school, which is silly I know).

I didn't do the calculations, but I'm willing to bet that the cost of ink doesn't outweigh what it was costing to buy those other note pads. And this way the paper gets reused!

How do you go green at work? Any other scrap paper ideas?

Happy Monday everyone!

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