Monday, April 1, 2013

1 Hour Prep = Easy Peasy Weekday Mornings

OK, OK, OK, I give in.

I will start pre-packing me and Tim's lunches.

The time spent every morning, still groggy from waking up, blundering around my kitchen trying to put our lunches together has just become too much. I will start pre-packing lunch items so that all I have to do is manage to grab one of everything and throw it in a lunch box with an ice pack.

And for me, performing even that menial task before coffee at 6:30 AM will still be a challenge.

This week I had picked almond butter sandwiches and spring mix salads with carrots and cucumbers. We also always pack a few different fruit items for ourselves, so these items together make a substantial lunch box for the day.

 Two of these containers fill exactly 10 tupperware boxes for salads, which is perfect for 2 people and a 5 day workweek.

So I divided everything up...

Added some shredded carrots...

Started to chop the cucumber by hand, then remembered I had this handy thing:

Much better!

A few minutes later I had this!

Then I sliced the homemade bread I baked yesterday and made up enough almond butter sandwiches for the week!

I just hope they keep alright and the bread doesn't get too soggy. If not, next week I'll only do a couple days worth at a time. Live and learn right?

The whole deal only cost me an hour on Monday morning, and if I plan ahead I could probably even do part of the prep on the weekend, if I wanted. For the hassle it saves me first thing in the morning, it just might be worth it.

Next weekend we'll have to plan our grocery trip for some more pre-packable meals. Any suggestions?

Here's to a good workweek!


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  1. Maybe try freezing the sandwiches. It will also help keep them cool until lunchtime once the weather gets warmer.